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We wondered how we could use our talents in design and advertising to help others and make a difference. The answer was simple…WE CAN HELP PEOPLE WHO HELP PEOPLE.


D2C collaborates with creatives and corporates who understand the power of design as a medium for change.

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Are you interested in becoming a change agent OR know of a charity that needs help with improving their public identity and marketing collateral?

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About D2C

Issue #1

There are a number of organisations dedicated to implementing positive change in our society and environment. These non-profit organisations (NPOs) seldom have the resources to design and develop their brand, which is a vital component of their fundraising process.

Issue #2

There are many people and organisations who would like to give back to society but don’t have the time or the know-how – so they end up doing … well … nothing.


By using our skills to help the organisations that help people, we provide a catalyst for exponential change.

Designed To Change joins forces with creatives and corporates who have the skills or resources to help us build charity brands. We create strong visual identities and campaigns that effectively position NPOs with credible and professional images for gaining the trust and assurance of prospective funders/supporters.

From logos and marketing material to websites and social media, we can do it all.


Leith Davis

Leith Davis


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”- Dr Seuss. The more creative hands, hearts and minds we have on board, the merrier the world will be!

Jeni-Anne Weitz

Jeni-Anne Weitz

Co-founder / Organiser

The change we are facilitating will be exponential. So many people are doing great things to help our nation, but need an image to reflect it. We can make that happen. Really exciting stuff

"Every little bit we do is a little bit less that needs to be done."



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