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So you buy a t-shirt and it feeds a child for a month!!! How can you not!

We had the absolute privilege of working with Bonhappi T in developing their #BonhappiTribe social campaign.

Bonhappi-T is a simple yet revolutionary idea.

It began with their realisation that whilst many people would love to do good, they often simply don’t know how to. If they could provide a quick, inexpensive way to make a real difference, then meaningful helping out would become an easy part of everyday life.

So their started bonhappi-T.

Almost everyone buys t shirts. Now, if you buy a bonhappi-T you feed one hungry mouth for one month and create 2 lots of happiness.

Happiness for you knowing that you have added value to a hungry life and when you wear your bonhappi-T, you can share the idea and pass on the opportunity to help to other people, and happiness for the fed.

P.s you can buy their shirts at PicknPay Clothing

Change Agents: Sally Oosthuyse, JAW Design